SVT - Professional

SVT Professional on Windows 10

Introducing SVT Professional.

After several years or research on how to analyse SVT data and get meaningful information at a single glance, we came up with the SVT Professional software.

Compatible with existing SVT datasets, the Professional series of software allows you to graphically visualise, track and compare test results with ease.

Leveraging the power of DSP (Digital Signal Processing), SVT Professional can visually show trends in data by pooling information from test results in spatial, frequency and time domains.

SVT Professional has all of the features of the standard software and can unlock a wealth of information contained in your existing SVT database.


Features exclusive to SVT Professional include:

· Run two SVT panels simultaneously linked side by side on the same PC.

· Spatial Heat Map of reaction times.

· Reaction Time vs. Time Chart.

· Reaction Time Distribution (consistency) curve.

· Test Result Progression (multiple test results pooled).

· Reaction Time Distribution 3D waterfall plot (multiple test results pooled).

· Progress summary of all selected test results.

· Printing of graphical analysis and reports.


Some screen shots of SVT Professional in action:






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