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SVT™ eye-hand coordination trainer


Latest User Manual:

SVT Professional User Manual V1.04

This user manual is also bundled with the SVT professional software below and can also be accessed from within the software by clicking on Help->User Manual.


Latest Database setup (for first time setup only):

SVT Database Setup V1.00

Please be sure to NEVER uninstall an existing database as this will result in complete loss of all user protocols, user profiles and test results you may have accumulated.


Latest Software setup:

SVT Professional Software Setup V1.04

What's new in version 1.04:

Changed Windows region based behaviour so that the decimal point setting in Windows does not effect the SVT Professional software.

Increased limit of number of tests per client in progress report form 500 to 9999.

Updated SQLite to version


Power Point Presentations:

Complimentary downloads of recent powerpoint presentation on sports vision, vision training for soccer and vision training for ice hockey presented by Pierre Elmurr at meetings in Europe during 2011.

An introduction to Sports Vision

Vision training for soccer

Vision training for ice hockey

Vision training for netball

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